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The Mouth-Body Connection

August 13, 2018 / HOME DENTAL CARE


Poor oral hygiene is a problem that can result in many serious ailments. Remember your mouth is the gateway to your body. If you do not have good dental health you do not have good overall health. That is a fact.

For instance gum disease could alert you to issues with heart disease or diabetes. Loose teeth can be an indication of osteoporosis.

When you neglect your teeth and stop routine visits to the dentist, bacteria can build up on teeth and make gums prone to infection. Your immune system fights the infection and the result is inflammation of the gums. Given enough time the inflammation can result in severe gum disease and the inflammation may cause problems to the rest of the body. Bleeding gums are the first warning signs that “all is not well” and without treatment, irreversible bone loss can occur. Tooth loss and dental decay can lead to sensitivity, pain, poor mastication, and a change of diet that is low in fibre and nutrition.

In recent research, it would appear that the relationship between poor oral hygiene and diabetes is perhaps the strongest of all connections between the mouth and body. For further information on oral hygiene and diabetes please visit this site:

Although it is not fully understood there is a relationship between gum disease and heart disease. There is a theory that inflammation of the mouth causes inflammation of the blood vessels which can increase the risk for heart attack.

So good health begins by taking care of your teeth and gums. If you haven’t seen your dentist in a while, book a check-up and cleaning today! Along with good oral hygiene, paying attention to your nutrition, regular exercise and avoidance of smoking, you can enjoy a healthy smile for a long life.

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